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She's very warm and welcoming....and right on the money. Thank you Lola.

Debbie P
Lola helped me through a tough time. She helped heal me and rectify my situation. Lola saw the outcome to my problem and was totally accurate. She has an amazing presence and a gentle manner. She's truly amazing!

Denise - Worcester, MA
I have been working w/ Lola for about 9 months now to get my life back on track because I was lead to her for some unbelievable reason to get in touch w/ my life and what is important to me. Lola is a truly amazing woman and makes me feel so relaxed and clam after speaking, praying or meditating with her when I am not in a happy place, Lola is a truly gifted and a very kind and loving person.
Lola has taught me how to believe more in god and reach out to the energy of the earth because I needed a lot of spiritual healing for what I have gone through and learned about my past, She is has taught me how to be a stronger person and to shield myself and put a hard hat on when times get tough. This allows me to protect myself from negativity in my life when it arises. Lola has a heart of gold and her soul is so kind and caring because she always feels and knows when I am having a bad day or feeling down. I have began understanding the true meaning of patience. You can't rush things, they need to come naturally and when the time is right. I now know when I am in a bad place I can mediate and reach out to the energy of the earth to get me through the tough times, I will continue to work with Lola and the spiritual healers and periodically update you on the progress.
Lola is a phenomenal person !!!!

There was no way she could possibly know so much about me if she wasn't authentic. Her reading gave me peace with my current situation. I recommend anyone who feels they are in need of guidance see her.

Maria M. - Worcester, MA

I did my first palm reading with Lola and it was very enlightening! The location is convenient and easy to find. She answered all of my difficult questions and was very encouraging. Lola is a great listener. I recommend purchasing a palm and tarot reading for the full experience.

Leah A. - Westborough, MA

This was my first time getting a professional reading, and I'm glad that I did it here! Lola was honest and down-to-earth, she didn't just say things that you wanted to hear. She provided a much deeper insight than I could have expected, and I will definitely return for more. I know that it is a bit expensive, but I would recommend that people get both a palm and tarot reading.

Sam B.
Marlboro, Mass.
I just had a reading with Lola, so my predication are in progress. However, I want to say that Lola was very nice, understanding, clear and patiently. Lola helped me understand my Aura and made some recommendation to help with my aura and negativity which I soon look forward to working with her more closely. I am eager to see my predications come along and I will def will be posting them once things happen. In addition, after seeing her I had a sense of direction and able to follow her suggestions to live more a pace and achieve goals and personal issues. Thanks Lola

Maria Z
Millbury, Ma
Lola was absolutely fantastic! I had just broke up with my boyfriend two days before and I started to feel bad and regret it. First thing she told me was that I did something that I was unsure about and that I am now regretting it. It was so spot on and I of course started to cry. lol Within a few months after my reading, everything she said that was going to happen, happend! She is really easy to listen to and makes you really comfortable. I plan on going again real soon. I recommend seeing her if you would like some real accurate insight!

Sarah B
Worcester, Mass
I have to admit. I was a skeptic. I didn't think someone would be able to tell me...about me. But I was wrong!!! The second I stepped into the reading room she began to tell me about myself, not the other way around. She told me about my past, present and then future. I had this reading MONTHS ago, but waited to write the review so I could see if what she said came true...and it did. I was a little freaked out when events started happening exactly like she said they would, but because I had this reading, I was prepared to handle them accordingly and not make the mistakes I knew I would have. Now everything is going so great! Work, Love, Health...I feel better than I ever have! She told me I would lose weight, check I did! She told me I would reconnect with an old love, whom I haven't spoken to in YEARS...and I DID!!!! I recommend Lola wholeheartedly. She doesn't do this just for the money, she is doing it because she has a gift!
Julia Clark
Worcester, MA

Lola is a gifted astrologer. Her reading was extremely insightful and sensitive, yet practical and grounded. I was amazed at how accurate she was, and at her ability to articulate things I was thinking but was unable to clarify. It was as if she took a snapshot of my thoughts and feelings and placed them in a heightened and clearer perspective. This was extremely helpful and comforting. I highly recommend her!

Cathy N.
Shrewsbury, Ma.

Great!. Lola is a very nice lady and takes the time to do your reading. Yes, it is somewhat expensive but I she definitely gives you an accurate reading. I have gotten palm and tarot card readings from her. I just got my 3rd reading this week so I am not sure if what she said was accurate yet but the pervious two times she was dead on. I would definitely recommend her to people who are looking to see a pyshic reader because I think she is great!!! :)


Amazing Experience!. Lola is very sweet, kind, gifted and patient. I did not feel rushed and I felt very comfortable. She gave me very accurate information and details about me and my situation, I am very thankful that she uses her gift to help others. I hope to see her again soon, it was such a pleasant experience! I highly reccommend her!


I had an excellent reading with Lola back in late November. She helped me to understand some difficult things that were going on in my life, and was able to give me some great recommendations about how to move forward. The cards were absolutely spot on...and I was going into this with a bit of healthy skepticism! She is warm and easy to talk to...I highly recommend having some yes/no questions prepared beforehand so that you can make the best use of your time...the hour flies by!

Two months later, and her predictions are ringing true. Following her advice has brought me nothing but relief and comfort, and I look forward to a second reading with her to see whether some of the better cards I pulled are right side up this time!

S. T.
Worcester, Mass.

Phenominal!!. I HIGHLY recommend a visit to Lola she is a very professional,knowledgeable&gifted woman!! It is a very calm atmosphere&she does not put a time limit on your readings.She told me things that were extremely accurate & there was no way anyone possibly could've known the things she told me. She is truly a kind lady with a warm heart that is using her gift to help others!!! I will ABSOLUTELY return to her again!!!


Best Psychic.... This place is great, very calm atmosphere easy to get to right off rte. 290. I was happy with my reading Don't get me wrong, it's just she was too good her telling me things about myself and reminding me of some mistakes i've made over the years was a wakeup. She truly has a gift and gets payed well believe me (busy place) I just wasn't expecting such a full life reading, maybe I rather have my eyes open wide shut.


Very accurate readings. Lola psychic readings are very accurate and compared to others she is the best and very professional call to make an appointment you're making the right choice you'll be very happy


INCREDIBLE!!!. In jan. i had my 1st reading with lola she was great she told me about a old boyfriend that would call soon withen a few weeks he did i was so EXCITED i drove back to lola the next day to ask advice she told me i needed to give the relationship another chance and offered the candle healing to help us in our relationship i said yes things got better in my life not only with love but also in other things her candle healings lift MIND/BODY/SPIRIT and her meditation works wonders


She is for real!!!. Lola is great she knew things about me with no Q's asked, things i really keep to myself and a few famly members her prices are fair for what she does a good quality reading (i get goose bumps) thinking about the reading try it you will love it 1 more thing call 1st get a appt. she gets busy .
Reading. I went to see Lola in June 2008! I was amazed by her knowledge of my life. She doesn't put a time limit on her readings and will let u ask as many questions as u need. She truly has a gift. She not only will do your readings she cares very much for people and will help u to put your life on track. I will continue to see Lola as I feel she's not only a psychic but a very caring person. I love that she wants to use her gift to help people.

Lola's great! I came in and tried to be quiet and non bubbly like I usually am. She still read me correctly. She knew about things that were bothering me without me having to bring them up. What's more important is that she gave me ways to fix the things that were bothering me.

She's definitely an energy healer. She's a great energy herself and made me feel comfortable. I can feel the difference that her words and guidance made. I feel more in tune with my spirit and plan on seeing her again when the season's change.

She's definitely as good as it gets.

Maria M.
Holden, Mass.


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